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Dawn Co-Host/Founder of Magickal Harvest

I am a certifiable joy junkie, muse and cheerleader! I adore integrity, laughter, authenticity and I am inspired by those who know their fears and chase their dreams anyway. I believe it is the little things that make life a big deal! I will always take handmade over “big brand name” any day, and will often be in my sacred space crafting up a new creation! I believe that anyone can see the magic that is all around, if they are brave enough to notice!  My journey has been long and winding, and I am so happy to find myself here, on Magickal Harvest Radio where I get to share my insights and laughter with my good friend, Jennifer!  Writer, teacher and certified holistic life coach, I am currently writing a book about holistic healing practices. 

These are a few of my favorite things: 

Botanicals: Lavender, Cayenne, Sage,  Basil, Blackberry, Ginger, whatever I can wildcraft

Music: Show tunes like Chicago, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, U2, Allison Kraus, Pixies, David Bowie & Queen, Tones on Tail/Love & Rockets/Bauhaus/Dalis Car, 
Food: global peasant food, cheese and fruit, REAL food
Books: cookbooks, herbal books, psychology selfhelp new age books, gripping thrillers and mystery
Garden Type: kitchen garden, medicinal herbal garden and flower gardens
Interests: laughing, bistro cooking, gardening, singing showtunes, writing, wildcrafting, teaching, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, tea drinking and painting---and if I can do any of these with my family, even better!!!!

Jen Co-Host/Founder of Magickal Harvest

I am a slightly off kilter DIY Addict. Known to many as the idea girl. I believe that magick is everywhere, as long as you open your eyes and look.
MY philosophy  You do not the have right to complain about something unless you do something to change it. Tell the truth, even if it sucks. Love and Laugh as much as you can..and if you want a cocktail at 10 am... well... enjoy yourself.
How did my path end up here at Magickal Harvest Radio? Coffee with MY now Great Friend Dawn! We complained about lack of resources and knowledge when it came to food and Magickal living. Well we did something about it! Just in our own way!
These are a few of my favorite things: (OK i was listening to the sound of music recently)
I love the smell of green: Growing plants, Veggies, herbs & Dirt.
Food: Real food Please! The process of making food with in it self is a form of magick. I am a documented Cheese fiend. 
Books: Of course! I love Austen. I have all kinds of Magickal Living Books. I listen to a alot of audio books: 2-4 books a week: I Love Paranormal Fiction and I am know to have a bodice ripper or two on the auio player.
Garden: This year we will have a 50' X 40'garden. So I would say yep!
I have a lot of interests. Way to vast to list here. If you really want to know them shoot me a message!

Music: SURE! I Like all kinds. One moment I might be listening to Celtic traditional followed by some Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson, then toss in a a little Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra,then a dash of Echo and The Bunny Men and the Clash. 

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