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Kicking It Old School: Preserving Fruit (Paste Cakes)

Jen here and I had a interesting idea. Which I am calling Kicking it Old School... (AKA: KiOS)
I want to share older receipts and techniques for food & home products.

Orange Paste
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I love cook books and historical receipts  I wanted to share old techniques and recipes. So they are not lost as move through our modern world.

Today I wanted to share a way to preserve fruit. 
Some times we com across great deals on flats of fruits or it is just harvest time and we just don't have the time to can or make jelly or we havent decided exactly what to do with it. Here is an easy way to process the fruit until you are ready to use it

New Method of Preserving Fruit

From The White House Cookbook (1887) 


A new method of preserving fruit is practiced in England. Pears, apples and other fruits are reduced to a paste by jamming, which is then pressed into cakes and gently dried.  When required for use it is only necessary to pour four times their weight of boiling water over them and allow them to soak for twenty minutes and then add sugar to suit the taste. The fine flavor of the fruit is said to be retained to perfection. The cost of the prepared product is scarcely greater than that of the original fruit, differing with the supply and price of the latter; the keeping qualities are excellent, so that it may be had at any time of the year and bears long sea-voyages with out detriment. No peeling or coring is required, so there is no waste.

So What is Jamming?
Unlike traditional canning, quick jamming doesn't require sterilized canning jars or lids. The process relies on the pectin naturally found in fruit, store-bought pectin packets aren't used.
I know in the original receipt it says you don't have peel or core items. You don't. You can to make it ready to use. Like breaking off pieces for cooking. I would leave the skins on thin skin fruits. You might want to remove the cores of apple etc.
Put your Fruit, Herbs or Veggies. Place ingredients  in to a good sturdy pan. Bring mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring constantly and mashing with the back of the spoon 5 to 15 minutes, or until mixture becomes the consistency of a thick jam. Let Cool.  Mold in a form and dehydrate. Place in a air tight Container. 

If you are using the less juice fruits you may want to use a little water. You can add spices and Honey or Sugar during this Process. 

BE BOLD! Dont be afraid of Flavor! Have Fun! Let me Know what you think too

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