Monday, April 16, 2012

Dole 'Seven Lettuces' bagged salad recalled by company
Cases of bagged salad distributed by Dole Fresh Vegetables have been recalled because a New York state test of some of the salad found salmonella contamination, the company has announced.

Dole Seven Lettuces salad with an April 11, 2012, expiration date, UPC code 71430 01057 and Product Codes 0577N089112A and 0577N089112B is being recalled. In all, 756 cases distributed in 15 states, including Illinois, are being recalled, according to a release from the company.

Dole 'Seven Lettuces' bagged salad recalled by company

So how does Lettuce become infected with salmonella anyway?

Here is a an article that talks about how lettuce  can become contaminated.
Lettuce Roots Lure Salmonella
" Salmonella, a bacteria that causes tens of thousands of cases of food borne illness each year, may be especially attracted to lettuce by the prospect of something sweet. The bug is apparently enticed by a sugar-like substance lying in the leafy green's roots, say a team of Dutch scientists." 

Now with this information provided her are some of my thoughts... 
1. Why are you buying lettuce? If you listen to Magickal Harvest then you have heard my ravings about how Easy and cheap it is to grow your own lettuce.  You can grow it in a sunny window or in a container. If you only have a few feet of wall you can even grow lettuce in a mounted piece of rain gutter.  For under 2.00 you can get organic and/or heirloom lettuce seeds. You can harvest just a few young leaves each time you want a salad allowing you to enjoy them all year long.  
2. Have you ever eaten Fresh Lettuce?  In my opinion they taste sweeter and have a better flavor.
3. Do you know how and who has handled your Lettuce? Well.. growing your own you are in control. You know if it was planted in good soil. You know if it was treated with fertilizers/pesticides. You Know that you picked it. You know how it was washed. You are in control! 

There is one kitchen tool that I feel that you should not be without if you grow your own lettuces. And that is a Salad Spinner. If you eat a lot of home grown greens this is a must. (Ok Not really but it does make life easy) 

KitchenAid KG308ER Salad Fruit Spinner - RedKitchen Aid Salad Spinner  I Got mine at Costco for $18.99 . It is  one of the better ones I have used. I Also have used it for spinning  excess water off rotini noodles for pasta salad.  Then used it as a salad Bowl.
The other way I used to remove excess is to wash and place in strainer then wrap in paper towels, place in bag and spin it.

Well that is all I have for now...  VIVA LA LETTUCE...   Have a great day and remember I have the Right to eat fresh food and I have the Power to grow it!

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