Friday, July 6, 2012

Followup: Kohlrabi-HUH!?!

So After Doing the Kohlrabi-HUH!?! episode I did plant a couple plants to try it out... And They Grew beautifully..

The leaves grew large and Green.  
The Bulb developed nice and Round.

Then the week of the 4th happened.. and well I go out to harvest and BOOM some are HUGE! (Ok Folks.. I have HUGE hands..see how big this thing got)

So If you caught this show we said that you dont want to let it get too big. Or looses it tenderness and becomes woody... Well it did.
(Huge = woody)

So do not fret my dears if your kohlrabi get to big.. you can still eat it. You have to cook it! Which is what I am eating for Breakfast this morning.

Yes.. I am eating kohlrabi for breakfast...

So here is what I did and many of you know I am creative cook... I like ideas of recipes .. I"ll be damn if I can follow one.
So I sauteed them with a Thai/Indian flair..

  1. Break off the greens, (Save these as well, the delicious sauteed as a side dish)
  2. Remove thick outer layer. (if you have giant kohlrabi, then you might duct off some extremely woody flesh as well... No worries) On small ones a good veggie peeler is your friend. 
  3. Rinse to make sure you get all the dirt off. 
  4. Cut into match sticks. 
  5. In a saute pan, on medium heat, put in a dollop of coconut oil and toss in kohlrabi
  6. Season. I used ground ginger, lime juice, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper and a touch of curry
  7. Saute till  you are happy with it.
I cooked it till it had the texture of a room temp pickle. Soft with some crunch.

You can roast the larger ones too...
Well this is Jen signing off.  Wishing you a Magickal Harvest!

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