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So Much Mint So Little Thyme... Whats Jen Drinking in this episode???

If you haven't Listened to Episode 12 So Much Mint So little Thyme.. well you are missing out. Take a listen to the player alongside this post!

Dawn brought a little subject to everyone's attention: That every episode, I (Jen), mention some sort of cocktail, wine or liquor. She is right, I do. I am passionate about food and drinks and I love to share recipes and Ideas to make life interesting. 

In theme of so much mint, so little thyme.  (funny because this so true, these are mint based not thyme)
The mint julep, official drink of the Kentucky Derby

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

Lets start with the....

Mint Julep

Now.. there are pages and Pages over the internet on how to make a Mint Julep one site I found a great read was an article written by Troy Patterson for Want to read the Article please do!

Your Hardware: " A mint julep tastes best in a silver goblet of elaborate sentimental value. Yours might be engraved with the initials of a favored great-aunt, for instance, or of a long-vanquished foe. If you have no such item in your cupboard, consider the following substitutes, listed in descending order of desirability: any other kind of silver goblet, a pewter goblet, a silver cup, a pewter cup that you inherited even though your cousin really wanted it very badly, any other kind of pewter cup, any other kind of goblet, a Collins glass, a highball glass , any other tall tumbler, a white wine glass, a two-handle sippy cup."-Troy Patterson  (see what I mean It is worth a read)

    10-12 mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish (I like a stronger note of mint)
    1 to  1 1/2 teaspoons confectioners sugar  (personally like less sugar)
    Seltzer water
    Crushed ice
    2 1/2 ounces of good Kentucky bourbon whiskey 
          (brandy can also be used. It not traditional but it can be FUN!)

Place the mint leaves in the bottom of an old-fashioned glass and top with the sugar. Muddle these together until the leaves begin to break down. Add a splash of seltzer water, fill the glass 3/4 full with crushed ice, and add the bourbon. Top with another splash of seltzer, stir, and garnish with a sprig of mint. Serve immediately.

Now another Summer Favorite.   

The Mojito  

1 tsp. sugar
1 tbsp. fresh lime juice
1/2 bunch fresh mint 
1 oz. dry white rum
2 oz. club soda

Mix sugar with lime juice in a tall glass. Add 3–4 ice cubes and several sprigs of mint, then pour in rum and club soda. Stir well, garnish with a bit more mint and serve.

Now I love playing with is an idea that is perfect to get ready for the upcoming end of summer. 

Blackberry Mint Vodka!

Here is what you need! 
8-12oz of Fresh or Frozen Blackberries
A lot of Mint Leaves
2 Cups of Sugar
1 Cup of Water
Decent unflavored Vodka (You want to be able to drink it)
a glass container to fit everything. 
  1. Place the Blackberries and Mint into the container. 
  2. Put the water in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, add in the Sugar.
  4. Stir until the Sugar has dissolved.
  5. Once all the Sugar has dissolved, remove from heat; set aside to cool.
  6. Once cool, pour the simple syrup into the container with the blackberries and mint until it is about 35% full.
  7. Next, fill the remainder with vodka.
  8. Let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 days (the longer, the better) before using.
Add to a good Ice tea over ice.. YUM! 

 I hope this starts you on your way to enjoying a Magickal Harvest!!! 

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