Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Growing a money saving garden

“To forget how to dig the earth
and to tend the soil
is to forget ourselves.”
~Mohandas Gandhi

One of the reasons that people grow their own veggies is to save money..
The 6 vegetable to grow to save money

  1. Lettuce
  2. Bell Peppers
  3. Garlic
  4. Winter Squash
  5. Tomatoes 
  6. Broccoli 

Here is a news clip that show how just a few plants can save us money.

Lets look are some examples.

Culinary Herbs: Almost $2 for a half ounce of herbs.
 A packets of seeds are the same price. How ever now you can grow 2-3 Plants at a time and use these for the entire summer. If you have a Green House all year long. If you buy a start.. Which will run $2-3 you can start using immediately.

Lettuce: Bagged lettuce $3 per bag.  Usually bought for 1 Meal. Lettuce sees $1.79 for a large packet that is a mixture of heirloom lettuce. You can fresh lettuce in a little as 30 days. Can even grow in a window all year long. 


Now. Starting a garden can take some money in the beginning. Now I use the Square foot gardening method of veggie growing. My start up was a little pricey when I started but after the 1st year it started paying for itself.  To keep it cost effective I add an additional box each year. To prep the already made beds all you have to add is a helping of compost. (Which you should start the if you don't have a pile already this will save you $3 - $4 per cu ft)

My Tip for everyone is... Start small and  grow your own veggies because it is something you love, If you don't like to garden.. do something else.  

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