Saturday, May 19, 2012

The World provides if you just stop and look.

So Today was one of the perfect Magickal Harvest kind of days.. I started with a  Facebook message.. 22 hrs ago...
Oh girrrrrls! Its ready!
 Well being that we are Magickal Harvest.. We believe that gifts are available everywhere you go. You just have to stop and look. Then POOF MAGICK.

There was and Abandoned lot with a ton of Comfrey growing wild. So of course in no time we were there ready to take advantage of the Amazing Herb.
The thing about urban/wild foraging is you do not want to get greedy and take everything that is there, always make sure that you leave enough to keep the harvests coming and say thanks for whats been provided. 

We took advantage of a small section of Plants + Root ( we didnt even make a dent  in what was available)
So Here is what we did with our plant..  We separated the the clumps to make plant systems for replanting for the Plant Swap tomorrow. We took the damaged leaves and stems placed into a tote to cover in water to make all natural fertilizer.

Then the large beautiful leaves where hung to dry.  Which in turn can be used to make Salves and Teas

Yes they are as big as you think!

Nonie S on the swing while Miss Dawn hangs the Plants
Then come the 3rd use.  When you separate plants you can get a lot of breakage. which is all good. The 3rd use of the compfrey plant is drying the roots.  

These roots will be cleaned and dried and made into tinctures. I pays off to look at the world around you and learn what is available in your area. 

On the Same street we found a large area where Horsetail was growing... which we can dry and make hair rinses and teas.

Then with a little jaunt down a side street we found LARGE BEAUTIFUL NETTLES. I will post a pic when I find one. I hope this inspires you stop and take a look at the world around you

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