Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rant to Dream & A Dream to Reality - Oh yeah we are doing it!

 There was a ranting conversation back in the fall of 2010 between Dawn and I about the unavailability of fresh organic food for families and individuals who may not be able to pay the extra $1.00+ per pound because of budget or other reasons. One phrase stuck in my mind 
"Fresh Healthy Food is a basic human Right!" 

After this very long and passionate conversation. (Which I was so happy we had because the started an awesome friendship) We decided that this was a situation,  where in stead of complaining about the injustices of it, Let's Do Something about it!  Little did we realize at this point in time how much this single conversation would change how we live our lives. (I will expand on how in another post)
Magickal Harvest was born from that conversation. 
One of the ideas born from that conversation was that we wanted to help people feel empowered to grow their own food and help those who needed a helping hand. Well we got to cross one of Magickal Harvests goals off the list. Last weekend we got together with a Local Family and assisted them in building their garden.  You can watch the highlights below.

We want to thank EVERY ONE who came out to lend a hand. We are truly blessed to have a group of wonderful people who give much time and effort to this little dream that Dawn and I put into motion. With out all of you, Magickal Harvest would still be just a dream.

Now this is only the beginning. going forward we want to be able to help many more families get started.  We Love Community Gardens and Support them completely. Eventually we want to get to that point. I feel that there is a certain pride and can do spirit that comes from looking at what you grew on your own. Be it just from a Container of lettuce to a full garden of food.
Remember everyone,

I have the right to eat fresh food and I have the power to grow it!

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