Thursday, May 3, 2012

MAGICKAL HARVEST GIVE AWAY! As soon as we reach 100 facebook "likes" on this page MagickalHarvest on facebook a giveaway will be LAUNCHED! now go, tell your friends. Give away will in a Copy of Square foot Gardener and a Lovely VIVA La Lettuce Tote bag!

IN Honor of Dawn and Jennifer making a rant... into a dream..and a dream into reality. We are doing a MAGICKAL HARVEST GIVE AWAY! This weekend we are bringing gardeners together to help build a container garden for a local family. This was the rant that started Magickal Harvest. We dared asked the question why cant we help people build and grow gardens of their own. This is a Grass Roots movement to empower individuals to take control of the food they feed themselves and their families. "We believe that Everyone has the right to fresh food and they have the power to grow it!"

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