Saturday, February 9, 2013

MHR Ep 23 Love is in the Air!


is Love all you need? Well, I’d say, Love....and a garden!

February is the Month of Love and with Valentine day coming up this week, The topic was  LOVE FROM THE GARDEN! So much magick tied to the month of February, as it is the beginning of spring in the ancient agrarian calendar, and spring is the time of awakening! In the garden, this looks like little buds coming through the snow, or perhaps a bit of BONE work going on, with the prep and planning of hard architecture, fencing and cleaning.

February is often under rated in terms of what kind of GARDEN LOVIN’ there is going on! Many people think of it as a rest time, or a fallow time, and really it is...but Depending on your climate, February is full of garden tasks to do!

So if your February is...

Hot: Start seeds of hardy veggies, annuals, herbs outdoors. Aerate and feed the lawn. Harvest fruits and veg daily to foil critters and promote new production.
Warm: Clean and sharpen your garden tools. Protect plants against late-season frost. Clean and repair your bird houses.
Mild: Start seeds of veggies, annuals and herbs indoors. Use sterile mixes to prevent damping off of young seedlings.
Cool: Get seed-starting equipment ready, including sterile mixes, trays, pots and lights. Be patient--spring will come! Repot any house plants that need more growing room.

This is also a great time to plan and start a kitchen garden.

A Dash of Magick

Self Love

Self love is probably the most powerful protection amulets around, and it is the most under utilized protection guard we have available to us! To many, the mention of Self-love seems kind of airy-fairy, new agey,, hippie dippy, but i think these notions keep us in a trap of fear of truly loving ourselves. Self love really encompasses simple actions--for instance, how we talk to ourselves, who we say Yes or No to, taking some time to do things that make us feel good.

One of the best things I have found from experience is reciting simple mantras to reinforce and solidify the beliefs in myself over time. Every time you catch your reflection in the mirror, tell yourself, “I Love You!” At first you might feel silly...but soon, you will notice a subtle change within your mindset. If you are doing this faithfully, without fail, every single time you notice yourself in a mirror or a reflection, the “I Love You” mantra will solidify in your mind and take root, and soon there will be no doubt whatsoever that you do, In fact, love yourself!

Witches Bottle

During the episode Dawn mentioned the use of witches bottles. She mentioned that she could not remember which book of Christopher Penczak's that had an in-depth look at making witch bottles.  Dawns favorite guide comes from The Witch’s Shield. His advice gives a great “recipe” for protective herbs, crystals and other symbols, identifying your intent and what else to include in your bottle and where to place it.

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