Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Baby step #2

Did I ever tell you that I hate deep cleaning... Ok with that said..
Baby Step #2  Get Moving.. 

I like to work in small bursts so that I don't wear my self out and I leave my self time to do other things... Like I don't know... Blog.. browse Facebook/Twitter... start seeds.. polish nails, pick the dog hair off your shirt 1 little hair at a time.... I rather do any of that then clean.

However, a good friend of mine reminds me all the time that we ALL can find 5-15 min burst to get stuff done. She is right you know.. She says if you don't believe it.. set a timer and work on one task... most of the time you finish realizing it really didn't take the hour you thought it felt like.

So here was my 1st 5 min Burst..  While the water for my coffee was heating... I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded back up. Turn on..  Coffee Ready.. Taking a Coffee break while blogging. Yeah All good.

Now for Deep Clean Task #1  Dusting.. 
I drank my coffee. Had a piece of toast...   and I really try to avoid the word Deep Cleaning! The meaning of deep cleaning... Well it means Cleaning everything!!! YUK!
Anyway... Look Up! Yes.. you. Look Up! Do you see and dust/cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings? How about the ceiling fan or fixtures?  Well we are going to start there.. Oh stop whining... I don't want to either... but we shall clean this first so the dust doesn't land on other things cleaned, already.. its the whole gravity thing..

Today I'm going to focus on the top 2 feet of the house... Light fixtures.. ceiling corners, tops of door jams...  now I have a smaller average size home.. I think I can Do this all in 15 min... if you have a larger home or 2 story... do this in 2-15min blocks... take a break in between if you want.. just do it.

Ok...  Setting timer for 15 min... Grabbing a Spritzer bottle of Orange Mint watered down cleaning solution for dusting.. (I made a and charged with good thoughts, harmony and removing obstacles.). a couple rag socks,  My broom to get the corners... (you might need a step stool for this... Im tall so no need)  taking a Deep Breath

Here is some Inspiration...  Turn it up!!!!
Magickal Harvest TV 15 min Cleaning Dash

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