Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning:Baby Step #3

Ok Baby Step#2 one wasn't so bad.. I did get my ceiling & fan dusted.. I wiped down the tops the the door jambs... I was done in 13 min ... I just needed to put on my big girls panties and get it done! - Go Team... Let's Get This Crap Done!

OK dishes are a never ending battle. So I am setting a up routine while my coffee is brewing. Put away dishes and make sure the dirty ones are loaded! Check!
Honestly.. I struggle here, Oh and keeping up on laundry... BOO!

  • Side note: I get off of work around 3am so getting stuff done is often achieved in the morning Find the time that works best for you. 

So in one of my five minute daily tasks... Laundry... put a load in... turn on the cycle and go do something fun...  No Problem... just remember.. that you have to put them in the drier and the kicker.... Put them away...  NO. a basket on the bedroom floor or tossed on the dresser doesn't count.

Deep Clean Baby Step #3 Kitchen

This is a 15min Task...  Clean the Kitchen Cabinet Doors! Get out the de-greaser Solution. Maybe even a Magic eraser.. Hmm I really think that these needs a new name.. I like magick, so I till call them.. those awesome white thingies...that cleans stuff.
OK Get ready set go!
That wasn't SO bad was it...
I realized that I need to repaint my cabinets.. Maybe this summer.  Maybe not... who knows
If you had left over time... Clean the range hood and check the screen. The Screen might be gross... clean it if you can. if it is disgusting... go get a new one screen at the hardware store.  If you couldn't get that done it 15 min.. Make these  5 min tasks later in the day.

  • Bonus 5 min task.... We are going to tackling the fridge soon.. when you have 5 minute... Open the Door of the Fridge.. Check the dates on the condiments. Yeah.. you didn't realize that vinaigrette has been there for 3 yrs did you? It happens.. I love reusing bottles, so the glass ones with good lids.. clean out and put away... if you keep them.. if not recycle them.

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