Saturday, February 16, 2013

MHR Ep 24 Magick In the Garden

What now brown cow...

Over the last 2 weeks... we have mentioned that it is time to get your garden beds ready and gather clean your tools.

So now what. It is still a little to direct sow most seeds. If you have raised beds or planters, you can direct sow peas and potatoes. 

Seeds are popping up everywhere! Time to gather friends and share seeds. Or do my 2nd favorite thing... buy seeds for yourself! 

Garden Beds: Time to make sure that your garden beds a weed free. Add some compost to boost the nutrients. Before you know it.. its going to be time to fill those boxes with goodies.

Journals: Get your journals out and start recording your progress, plans, hopes and dreams... This is where the magick begins. 

Pay our respects: Leave offerings to the spirits of place. Ask them for permission to plant in the soil and thank them for their aid in an abundant growing season!

A Dash of Magick:

We asked the question: What is Magick?

The most often quoted definition of magick comes from Aleister Crowley, who says,
“Magick is The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity to Will.” 

One of my (Jen) favorite excerpts describing magick is from Pure Magic by Judika Illes 
“Magic is part of real life. Magic is not an excuse to assume that Earthly laws, Laws of nature, will somehow be suspended, that exceptions will be made for you. Magic just reminds us that Earth’s laws are a little more complex than we often care to remember.... Magic isn’t license to abandon common sense. Ideally, they enhance each other. Magic doesn’t supersede the laws of nature: It is the Law of Nature.” 

We chatted about what Magick means to us.  So here is your chance to share your thoughts on what magick is. We want to hear from you!

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